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Our story is one of entrepreneurs who are passionate about transformation. Crossings was founded by and for entrepreneurs and professionals who know how important it is to achieve goals at the right time.

At Crossings People, it’s all about people and connecting them. Companies are built by the people who work there. In light of this correlation, our goal is to connect the right people and facilitate both short-term and long-term relationships between people who can take on critical strategic or transformational projects.

Crossings is uniquely equipped to provide you with full support during transformational and strategic projects. To make this happen, we can deploy the expertise of three consultancies that can tackle any aspect of change and change management:

  • Crossings Advisory for development and implementation of strategy, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring: ‘The Experts in creating new realities’;

  • Crossings Capital for arranging financing for your strategic plans or optimising your financing structure : ‘The capital that creates new realities‘;

  • Crossings People is an executive and interim management recruitment and selection agency for sourcing and testing the right candidates in the areas of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions or Restructuring: ‘ The People who create new realities’.

For more information, please book an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

Our family.

"The Experts 

to create new realities"

At Crossings Advisory we are passionate about blazing new trails.

Corporate Finance is our business. We advise on Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructuring and Business Valuation.

We help you find new ways to achieve your goals.

The people who can make the difference when it comes to transformation are typically those who are inspired by challenges and development.


Crossings People brings key players in transformation with a focus on professionals in the areas of strategy, mergers & acquisitions and restructuring.


"The People 

who create new realities"

Crossings Capital guides your company in securing financing for your plans and provides you with independent advice in this area.


We will assist you in realizing your ambitions by finding the right kind of financing with the best terms. 

"The Capital 

that create new realities"

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