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Crossings People Assessments




Finding the right people requires a tailored approach. Aside from the personal relationships we build with candidates, we leverage a range of cutting-edge assessment techniques to check our impressions with respect to each candidate and their ‘fit’ with you as the client, and with your team. If you prefer, we can use proven assessment methods already in use at your company.

Personality tests for you and the candidate to increase the chance of success

Generating a personality profile will provide candidates with insight in their qualifications and, as the case may be, areas for development. This will decrease the risk for you as the client, as well as for the candidate, of working with new team members whose personalities may not be compatible. It provides insight in the likelihood of success for the candidate if placed in this particular position, at this particular company.

Improving team results in challenging situations

We don’t only use personality assessments in recruitment and selection for management and executive roles. Such assessments will also be deployed when it’s a matter of selecting the right person for various positions in your
current organization. The results will yield real insight in how team efforts can be improved and how you can best manage teams. For example, in mergers and acquisitions you will be able to achieve results faster.

Would you like to learn how we can support you in assessing candidates’ fit and selecting the right people for critical management positions and teams? We’d be happy to connect with you and present our services, no strings attached.

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