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Is hiring an Interim Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions a good option?

Interim M&A professional

Why would you consider hiring an interim M&A professional?

Hiring an interim M&A professional can be an alternative to using an M&A agency that charges a success fee. Interim M&A professionals can provide organizations with the specialized expertise and resources they need to successfully navigate the M&A process, without the added expense of a success fee.

The advantages of an interim M&A specialist compared to the Corporate Finance Agency

One of the key benefits of hiring an interim M&A professional is that the organization has greater control over the process, as the interim professional will be working directly for the organization, rather than as an intermediary through an M&A agency. This can result in a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective M&A process.

In addition, by hiring an interim M&A professional, organizations can be confident that they have a knowledgeable, experienced professional on their team who can provide guidance and support throughout the entire M&A process, from due diligence to deal closure.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that interim M&A professionals typically charge an hourly rate for their services, which can add up over the course of a long or complex M&A process. However, for organizations that are looking to avoid the added expense of a success fee, hiring an interim M&A professional can be an attractive alternative.

Furthermore hiring interim M&A professionals can offer several advantages among others, including:

  1. Expertise: Interim M&A professionals have a wealth of experience in various aspects of M&A, including due diligence, deal negotiation, and integration planning, which can be invaluable for organizations looking to expand through acquisitions or divestitures.

  2. Flexibility: Interim professionals can be hired for specific projects or for a set period of time, which provides organizations with the flexibility to bring in the resources they need when they need them, without committing to a long-term hire.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring interim M&A professionals can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time employee, especially if the organization only needs M&A expertise on a project-by-project basis.

  4. Objectivity: Interim M&A professionals bring an independent, objective perspective to the deal-making process, which can help ensure that deals are structured and negotiated in the best interests of the organization.

  5. Speed: Interim M&A professionals can be brought on board quickly, which can be especially important in fast-moving M&A environments where time is of the essence.

Overall, hiring interim M&A professionals can provide organizations with the specialized expertise, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness they need to successfully navigate the complex and rapidly evolving M&A landscape. We are happy to discuss whether it could be an approach for your business as well.


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