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A passion for transformation and a sharp eye for people? You could become our new Partner (Equity).

Reference: People Partner, Executive Search & Interim Management

New Position: People Partner Executive Search & Interim Management

The team at Crossings People is looking for a new member and driving force in the Netherlands to join our new, exciting and growing business. We are a Dutch-based startup with big dreams, big ambitions and a growing client portfolio in several countries. Last year was all about planning and building, and this year is all about executing and growing. Working as an integral part of our team, you will have the opportunity and freedom to build your own market sector in the Netherlands. You can leverage the infrastructure and support of other experienced and passionate recruitment and business transformation professionals, powered by a smart shared search- and marketing-engine, shared business principles and ways of working.

At Crossings People, we specialize in recruitment & selection and interim assignment for people at executive, director and partner level in the areas of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Restructuring. We are true specialists in business transformation and change, in providing the right resources for a critical business crossing. Our clients are mainly Private Equity, Investment Banks, Investment Funds, Advisories and larger corporates with an in-house Strategy, M&A or Corporate Development capability.

We connect people with ambition and passion for transformative processes. Professionals, interim managers and directors who can and want to make a difference in the world, for others and for themselves.

For specific questions about Strategy consulting, M&A transactions and restructuring processes, you can always reach out to our colleagues at For advice on financing companies and capital restructuring, the team at will be more than happy to help you out. The knowledge and expertise available at these sister companies will also strengthen the execution power of our interim managers.

Have you gained any of the following skills during your career as a recruiter, HR Business Partner or Business Transformation Professional?

  • Initiating critical conversations, which sets you apart from your colleagues when given a recruitment mandate from a client;

  • Setting goals - personal and professional - comes naturally to you. You are the driving force behind new business in your expertise or geographical area;

  • You like the idea of creating something new and building a personal project in a joint setting;

  • Your (international) contacts value your input, feedback and support and see you as someone whom they learn from;

  • You don’t like wasting time on office politics, but you focus on adding value for clients and in team meetings. You will (help) create what is not there (yet);

  • Your passion for transformation and major changes within organizations is evident and you are keen on further developing your understanding about transformative processes;

  • You are a high-level relationship builder, you understand commercial business and really enjoy meeting people and helping them see themselves and their skills in a different light;

  • Exceptional listening, communication and representation skills.

What you can expect from Crossings People:

  • We don’t subscribe to the traditional business culture. Instead, we believe that people do their best work when given the freedom and flexibility they need to perform at their peak;

  • Personal Development is our Mantra. We learn and develop our skills every chance we get, by attending workshops, taking (online) courses and networking at events. We want to see all our team members achieve great things;

  • We don’t waste time or paper. Technology is changing the way the world works, including how companies recruit. Our Founders have a deep passion for challenging the status quo around recruitment, tech-tools and how companies attract and retain talent. We invest in effective, easy-to-use tools to ensure our time is spent on output versus mundane and repetitive tasks. We will build a global organization to optimize for servicing clients while aligning with sustainable development goals.

  • We believe that mentoring is an important component of sustained career success. We have a unique mentoring program that we use in the Crossings (People) community and within our team. You will we paired with a mentor on Day 1, to not only help you settle in, but guide you along your journey as a Crossings team member.

This position may suit you if you are an independent recruiter who would be interested in being part of something larger, or you are employed in the executive search industry and want to branch out on your own – as part of a growing brand that will allow you to make a difference for you and the world of business. This position may also suit you if you are a transformation professional and want to build a separate business line in executive search and interim assignment.

For more information, please contact Harry Bruintjes of Crossings People through or feel free to call on +31 (0)85 2006244.


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